EXTRA - Indian Sliding Techniques Part II: Using the Major Scale

This is an improv'ed piece just to demonstrate that after starting to play, and just hearing, these kind of lines that they can influence your overall playing.

In the video I'm using a straight E Major scale. And I'm using some of the techniques and scale concepts I've been covering throughout these lesson  and apply it to a "plain old" E Major scale. It's amazing how the "Do-Re-Mi scale" can sound under the influence of these concepts.

Try it with other scales you frequent, and give them some new direction.

Here's the chord I'm working from:







I mention breaking the Major scale into groups of two notes on each string, then playing every other string. This relates to a way of taking two notes per string and turning the Major scale into MANY new two-note-per-string Pentatonic scales, then using string-skipping to to create a lot of separation in your lines to help stomp-out that "scaley" sound. I cover this concept in detail in this tutorial: Lydian Applications